Mad Monday Costume Ideas

9 Hilarious Mad Monday Costume Ideas

Whether you want to embarrass the buck or have a laugh with your mates, Mad Monday fancy dress is a great way to make the bucks weekend even more memorable.
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Whether you’re heading down to the local or you’re jetting off somewhere, the tradition of throwing your best mate a bucks party goes together with hilarious Mad Monday costumes. After all, Mad Monday’s aren’t just limited to where you’re going or what you want to do, it is about how you’re going to look as well.

People tend to think a person’s clothes can tell you a lot about the person wearing them. If that’s true, we can’t wait to know what these Mad Monday costumes will say about you and your mates.

Here are Mad Monday’s 9 Funny Mad Monday Ideas:

1. Fox & Hunters Mad Monday Fancy Dress

Mad Monday Costumes

When it comes to Mad Monday fancy dress, the options are far more interesting and creative than just dressing up as a superhero. After all, it’s a Mad Monday not Halloween.

One Mad Monday  fancy dress idea that will love is Fox & Hunters,  Typically the coach will dress as the fox while the rest of the party dresses up as hunters


Mad Monday Costumes

2. Smurfs

If you want to consider a theme for your Mad Monday fancy dress, come up with a real winner such as Smurfs. Sure you need to paint yourselves blue, but the Smurfs attire definitely takes the Mad Monday costumes to the next level and the weekend is sure to be extra memorable. So are the photos for that matter.

4. Golfers

Mad Monday Costumes

Golfers Mad Monday  fancy dress can not only be a running theme for your entire Mad Monday, but you can also build some great Mad Monday activities around it.

The uglier the better too. For golfers Mad Monday costumes, not only can you play pub golf and look the part, but it also goes perfectly with our Footgolf Bucks Trip activity. Footgolf can be found in a number of our bucks trip

5. It’s a ladies night!

Mad Monday Costumes

Whether it’s just the man of the hour or the entire group, Mad Monday fancy dress doesn’t get any better or funnier than Mad Monday in drag.

When it comes to cross-dressing, the Mad Monday fancy dress options are endless. Whether you want gore, glamour, sexy or psychotic, if you want to dress as a girl during the Mad Monday, there are plenty of costumes to choose from.

Some of the favourites include:

  • Fairytale Princesses
  • Sexy Playboy Bunny
  • Cheerleader
  • German Beer Maid
  • Sexy maid
  • Sexy nurse
  • Male Bride Costume
  • Disney Characters

6. Ugly Suits

As more and more people opt for a fancy dress Mad Monday, or even dress up for a day at the Races.

An ugly, ridiculous pattern and an absurd coloured suit that is. If the groom is one of those people that always wants to dress his best, ugly suits will be the perfect bucks trip fancy dress for his big Mad Monday trip.

From aces to leopard print, the patterns and colours are always good for an instant laugh.

7. Inflatable & Piggyback Mad Monday costumes

Mad Monday Costumes

Mad Monday costumes have really advanced in the last few years, especially when it comes to the piggyback costumes and the funny inflatable costumes.

There are plenty of ways the make a funny statement during a Mad Monday, but an inflatable Mad Monday costumes will definitely be the most fun and memorable.

Surprisingly comfortable and affordable. some of the inflatable & piggyback costumes include:

  • Stripper Piggyback
  • Inflatable Elf Carrying Costume
  • Bavarian Beer Maid Carrying Guy or Girl
  • Inflatable Cowboy Costume
  • Inflatable Pick Me Up Naked Guy
  • Blow Up Willy
  • Alien Carrying Human Costume
Mad Monday Costumes

8. Mad Monday Toy Soldiers

A bit of a classic Mad Monday fancy dress idea, but one that always brings a laugh. Toy Soldiers is another Mad Monday costumes that can provide some other activities for during your Mad Monday

All you’ll need is some green body paint and your green clothing. You can create your own outfit or you can buy complete Toy Soldier costume from our online store. Either way, to achieve this Mad Monday fancy dress, you’ll need a green jacket, trousers, a belt, a fake gun, an army helmet and the foot base.

As for the Toy Soldiers game, you’ll also need a pack of toy soldiers and make sure everyone gets a different one. For the entire Mad Monday, whenever the best man shouts ‘assume the position’, you have to get into the position of your toy soldier. The last man to get into position will be the one who loses.

Another great game and another great Mad Monday fancy dress idea.

9. Oompa Lumpa

“Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee. If you are wise, you’ll listen to me.”

Oompa Lumpa Mad Monday costumes are guaranteed to get you noticed and will make for some hilarious photos.

Orange man with green hair, it’s an absolute winner for Mad Monday fancy dress. Whether you dress as Oompa Lumpas during the day for your Mad Monday, or the evening when you hit up some pubs and clubs, you will definitely stand out in these outfits.

10. Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Mad Monday Costumes

Perfect if you are a Mad Monday group of 8 and even better.

And lastly…

Mad Monday Costumes

You simply can’t have a list about Mad Monday costumes and not mention the Mankini. This is one outfit that never gets old and always manages to make an appearance at every Mad Monday  party.

For information on Mad Monday activities, destinations and more check out the rest of our website, head to your desired destination or give us a call from our Contact Us page, we’re always happy to help.

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